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ARTIST of The Week by Brielle Bataille at  

This week’s #ARTISToftheweek is Custom Business Designer, Live Painter, and Entrepreneur Mariano J Brown of Be Free Artistry! Very excited to be working with such a talented young artist. Mariano currently holds the record for the largest hand painted mural in Colorado (see last photograph). His current artistic focus is to build his business as a Colorado business designer. He has free-handedly improved the appearance of many local businesses all over the country. SEE MORE AT >>>


Mariano Of Be Free Artistry by Caroline Hayes

C: Tell me about Be Free Artistry.
M: Be Free Artistry was formed in Denver, CO back in 2005. My first mural, in Denver was painted on the Gypsy House Cafe, located on 13th and Marion St. Ever since then, I have been working all across the country designing businesses, as well as painting murals both commercially and residentially. I have extensive works in the Asheville, NC, New York, California, and Colorado, including the largest hand painted mural in all of Colorado. It is located at Grow Big Supply on Wnykoop St. In Denver, measures over 350 feet in length and stands 25 feet tall. All of my works of art are painted completely freehand, no measurements, grids, straight edges, or projectors. Based and rooted in Denver, Be Free Artistry offers business makeovers, custom paintings, murals, business designs or logos, hand carved sculptures, artistic landscapes/gardens and color consultations with over 30 years (a lifetime) of experience.”  See more at:

ARISE Music Festival: A Renaissance Revolution by Philip Emma

“Throughout the entire day, Mariano from Be Free Artistry created a beautiful painting of Jerry Garcia under the moon that captured everyone’s attention throughout the day and night. It was so captivating that I asked him if I could buy it. Mariano is one of the nicest people and best artists I have met at a festival. He continued it as The Everyone Orchestra featuring Steve Kimock was the next band that I was greatly looking forward to took the stage.”   – See more at:

Art Stimulates Business by Jessica Morris

“Customers just love it. A couple (even came) into the store saying ‘I want to buy that!’ The mermaid itself just works so well in my shop. She fits right in with my theme, so vibrant and fun. That’s the message I try to get across with my products and packaging. Mariano’s work is anything but boring and that epitomizes the uniqueness of my business.” These kinds of business and art relationships are setting Asheville apart by meshing two communities that are quite often very distinct. “It really shows the cohesiveness and how we all support each other,” Mary says. “It’s so hard to survive in the beginning—not everyone can afford the gallery fees—so if we contribute a little bit, you help someone you believe in.” Mariano specializes in murals and custom works for businesses.
With a background in fine arts and psychology, he focuses on stimulating business through the senses.  “Using the right color combinations has a great impact on the psyche of a possible customer or a passer-by,” Mariano says. “Certain colors stimulate different parts of the brain.  When we, as artists, stimulate the right parts of the brain, we can attract more eyes and get more people into your place of business.” Mariano’s murals appear in familiar places such as Nona Mia (1050 Haywood Road in West Asheville), Mrs. G and Me (502 N. Main Street in Hendersonville), and Futon Designs (39 Broadway), which was painted completely freehand. He has even painted walls at Old Europe, 13 Broadway Street, which involved some delicious pastry exchanges. The work Mariano did for Mrs. G and Me drastically increased business. Owner Graham Allcock told Mariano that business doubled the first month he painted there. “When you build relationships through artwork it just comes back full circle,” Mariano says. “It means that everybody is involved in something worthwhile. Artists attract more people through the use of color schemes, perspective, illusion. If you invest in us, you are investing back into the community, stimulating business and stimulating minds.” – Excerpt from previous The Laurel of Asheville article